Our Newest Addition to the Family

Our Newest Baby

Meet Montana Cowgirl, our newest member to the family as of yesterday. She’s an 8 week old Blue Heeler. She is already showing the signs of a great dog as most Blue Heelers are. We had a storm last night with lightning & not too loud of thunder & she faired pretty well. Yes, she whined somewhat as to be expected, but not from the noise of the thunder.

She knew what her bed was only after showing her 2 times. This morning she whined to go off the porch to use the potty. This dog has never been potty trained.

When we went to see the puppies yesterday, she was the first to come up to us. I had seen pictures of her and her siblings. I actually had come with intentions of getting another girl that had a lot of the spots resembling a Blue Heeler. But needless to say she won us over. She was the friendliest, happiest, playful, and answered when we called to them. She knew she wanted us I believe as soon as she seen us.

This is something I truly believe in. Them picking us.We often think that they need us, but more than often in the end it was us needing them.

Leslie Zpt.

The Working Australian Cattle Dog

These dogs were developed by crossing smooth-coated blue merle Scottish highland collies to selected dingoes in the 1840’s; a drover named Thomas Hall developed a cattle dog that combined the hardiness of the dingo type, and the herding abilities of the highland collie. This cross reinforced the heeling instinct of the collie and eliminated their tendency to bark at the head.

The Australian Cattle Dog is an independent thinker and once trained, is capable of carrying out routine tasks without supervision. They are highly intelligent, making them self directed workers capable of complex problem solving. They are adept at picking out and punishing trouble makers, while at the same time they can be gentle with calves, lambs or ducks. It is this rating ability that makes the Australian cattle dog versatile enough for different classes of cattle as well as trial or farm work with sheep, hogs and fowl.

herding dog

The Australian Cattle Dog can be trained to perform various functions on the farm or ranch. They possess high trainability coupled with a strong desire to please. Most Cattle Dogs can perform routine jobs after just a few exposures. A well trained Cattle Dog can replace two to three good men on horseback.

Heelers are just so smart and eager to have a job to do. No matter whether you desire to train them to round up cattle, to retrieve frisbees or to sit patiently waiting for you, you will find training a Heeler to be pure delight.


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